Metal nets

Since 1975 we have designed and produced
Made in Italy nets and fences
Retificio Ribola
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Wire mesh for animals

Wire mesh for animals and farms, ideal for creating poultry and zootechnical fences, the wire mesh for animals is ideal for amateur type fences or where you need small temporary fences or fast-running and very economical fences.

Wire mesh for aviaries and cages
Plastic coated wire mesh for aviaries and cages Ø 1.20 mm - RM1313
41 € each
rete metallica per animali-71cca3.jpg Wire mesh for hens and rabbits
Wire mesh for poultry and breeding Hens and Rabbits - RM1325
144 € each
rete metallica annodata-57e034.jpg Wire mesh for pastoralism and breeding
Wire mesh for agricultural and livestock use - RMOVBO
1,13 € sq.m