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Retificio Ribola
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industrial production of nets

Retificio Ribola is a modern company with more than 140 years’ experience in the production and sale of nylon and synthetic fiber nets.

The numerous sectors in which Retificio Ribola is specialized includes, aquaculture, fall prevention, fences for sports fields, sports nets, nets for recreation, anti-jellyfish systems, animal husbandry, aviaries and many others.

Over the decades since the creation of the company at Monte Isola on Lake Iseo until today, Retificio Ribola has evolved by combining the traditional craftsmanship of the past with industrial production capacity. The production unit, thanks to avant-garde machines, makes possible very high levels of supply (equal to many tons of nets per month), and has a bespoke packaging department that makes nets to order.

Retificio Ribola also provides online sales of synthetic fiber nets: the e-commerce operation presents most of the products and sectors in which Retificio Ribola operates, with high quality and the capacity to offer suitable solutions to its Customers. Retificio Ribola is primarily a consultant, jointly planning targeted actions before the production of the nets; it is involved in every phase of processing and packaging as well as the installation and maintenance of all types of nets.

The technology and constant research into product innovation has enabled Retificio Ribola to develop various patented products: Retificio Ribola is a renowned industrial organisation with a strong presence on foreign markets.

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