Nets and covers for Agriculture and Gardening

Since 1975 we have designed and produced
Made in Italy nets and fences
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Ground cover nets

Polypropylene or agritela ground cover nets. Anti tear cover.
It is suitable for many uses, mainly preventing the growth of weeds, keep moisture in the soil, protect the soil from erosion, the action of rain, maintain the structure and mitigate the temperature of the soil.

In gardening mulching is performed for different purposes depending on the season.
In summer, mulching is usually done between April and July when growth activity is at its highest. It is used to preserve soil moisture, reduce watering and to avoid the growth of weeds.
In cold weather, mulching should be carried out between autumn and winter. It is necessary to hoe the whole area well so that the soil is kept soft during the winter, in order to be able to host new plants in the spring. It serves to protect the roots and the collar of the plants from the cold.

Available in different formats.

3210NE AGRITELA NERA-4a4dea.jpg Mulch sheet for vegetable and garden plants black color
Mulch sheet for vegetable and garden plants black color - PM009
0,78 € sq.m