Sports nets

Since 1975 we have designed and produced
Made in Italy nets and fences
Retificio Ribola
quality and

Structures and accessories for volleyball

Accessories and volleyball structures sold as well separately from the net. They also include transportable single-pipe systems, winches, antennas, antennas pockets and cable parts.

Single-tube volleyball system
Single-tube volleyball system Single-tube - PV100.01
370 € pair
Single-tube volleyball system to FIPAV standards
Single-tube volleyball system ti FIPAV standards - PV100.07
810 € pair
Extra model transportable game system for volleyball
Extra model transportable game system for volleyball transportable - PV100.20
788 € pair
Transportable volleyball system
volleyball system Transportable - PV.100.20
720 € pair
Divisible boundary antennas
Divisible boundary antennas - PA0233
18 € pair
Single-piece boundary antennas
Single-piece boundary antennas - PA0234
22 € pair
Spare cable for volleyball
Spare cable for volleyball - PA0225
10 € each
Antenna carrying pocket
Antenna carrying pocket - PA0224
7 € pair
Maram 2012 type volleyball winch
Maram 2012 type volleyball winch - PV110.01
70 € each