Fall protection nets and sheets for construction and safety

Since 1975 we have designed and produced
Made in Italy nets and fences
Retificio Ribola
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Bands to backle

Buckle straps for safety nets on steel or wooden beams. Equipped with buckle. Available in different lengths: from 0.50 m to 2 m standard or on request. 6kN estate. Anchor bands tested and conform to European standard EN 1263-1 and EN 1263-2.

buckle strap, 1 m
buckle strap, 1 m 1 m - AN0530
2,30 € each
buckle strap, 0.50 m
buckle strap, 0.50 m 0.50 m - AN0530A
2 € each
buckle strap, 2 m
buckle strap, 2 m 2 m - AN0532
2,80 € each